Strategic Equity Investments

Rice Park Capital provides active capital to early-stage real estate and mortgage technology businesses that we believe are transforming and reshaping their marketplace and have a path to profitability and a strategic exit.

Our focus is on situations in mortgage tech, real estate tech, rental tech, construction tech, and fintech where we can apply our value-add approach to investing.

Proptech Sector Overview

Proptech represents a large ecosystem of start-ups and rapidly growing companies that offer technology-enabled and/or innovative products, services, and business models across various aspects of residential and commercial real estate markets.

  • $61 trillion in total assets across residential, commercial, and multifamily real estate1

  • $12.8 trillion in outstanding mortgages2

  • $12 billion invested in Proptech in 20213

“Real estate lags behind most asset classes in digitization and the adoption of technology… Real estate as an industry is therefore less efficient and transparent than most any comparable industry and would appear ripe for disruption.” – Deloitte

Notes: 1) Urban Institute, Nareit Research, Rice Park Research. 2) Federal Reserve of St. Louis Economic Research as of Q1 2022. 3) Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc. Proptech Pulse.

Our Approach

We invest in businesses that we believe have demonstrated a proof-of-concept, have viable products, and need our support and expertise to help them scale.

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Focus on Sectors That We Know

Focus on companies that we believe have demonstrated proof-of-concept product-market-fit and have viable products that are ready to be scaled.

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Invest in “Commercialization” Phases of Growth

We support businesses that need to build out their organizations to commercialize their product development and go-to-market strategy to then scale growth.

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Take an Active Role & Provide Operational Expertise

As operators and entrepreneurs, we believe we know what it takes to scale businesses from start-up through exit. We take an active role with our investments, often getting board seats.

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