U.S. residential real estate is one of the largest markets in the world, with a value of approximately $35 trillion and over $12 trillion in residential mortgage debt. Rice Park is uniquely positioned to utilize its extensive network of relationships to create, source, and finance residential real estate investment opportunities. With a fundamental focus on residential credit, macro level themes, and a strong operational understanding of the entire production and asset management chain, Rice Park looks to deliver risk-adjusted returns that fit a multitude of investor objectives.

Rice Park focuses on the core tenets of credit creation and performance when making investment decisions:

  • Utilizing a deep focus on the production and operational processes necessary to create and access assets.
  • Focusing on products in growing sectors backed by macro level themes of supply, demand, and evolving demographics.
  • Insuring a strong alignment of interest across the production chain from underlying borrowers to the capital markets and financing partners.
  • Actively managing the servicing and being able to positively impact outcomes
  • Forming partnerships based and strong reputations and character.


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