AI-Enabled SMS Integration: Capacity and Textel Join Forces to Transform Customer Support

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Capacity, a Rice Park Capital portfolio company and AI-powered support automation platform, has recently acquired Textel, a leading cloud-based texting platform. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance customer experience by integrating AI-driven SMS business texting features into Capacity’s existing services.

Text messaging is quickly becoming a crucial aspect of customer service, with forecasts suggesting that by 2025, native mobile apps will be replaced by messaging in 80% of customer service organizations. However, most current SMS solutions only offer basic two-way SMS functionality, which still requires manual customer service interactions. By merging the strengths of Capacity and Textel, the companies intend to optimize customer experience with AI-enabled, two-way SMS features, providing automated support for a diverse array of businesses.

David Karandish, Capacity’s co-founder and CEO, understands the significance of incorporating SMS into their platform. He believes that integrating Textel’s SMS messaging expertise will allow teams to save time and concentrate on higher-priority tasks.

Both Capacity and Textel share a commitment to helping businesses enhance support levels, boost efficiency, and increase revenue generation for organizations of various sizes. By collaborating, they plan to offer their combined capabilities to a growing number of companies and industries eager to transform their customer support landscape, including contact centers, high-growth companies, and small businesses.

Textel’s co-founder and CEO, James Diel, highlights their accomplishments in partnering with top CCaaS, UCaaS, and POS platform creators. He is confident that their partner-centric approach will enable the combined team to deliver added value to their partners and maintain focus on their internal teams.

As a result of this partnership, customers and partners of both Capacity and Textel can expect continued high-quality service and access to a wider range of tools designed to improve customer experience. Textel will operate as a subsidiary of Capacity, keeping its headquarters in St. Louis and serving over 1,700 customers. The terms of the transaction remain undisclosed.

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Founded in 2017, Capacity is a support automation platform that utilizes AI to provide immediate Tier 0 and Tier 1 support for customers and internal teams. The platform operates across chat, email, and SMS, addressing over 90% of FAQs and escalating more complex issues to the appropriate team members.

Established in 2014, Textel is a rapidly growing texting platform for businesses and contact centers. The platform aims to enhance customer experiences, increase customer engagement, improve contact center performance, and drive revenue. With a global customer base, Textel enables faster and more efficient communication compared to traditional channels.

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